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100 Free Presets for the Synthstrom Deluge

Hello there! I’ve made an additional 56 patches for the deluge bringing up the total now to 100 by me. (The factory deluge only comes with 91!). Since the files are so small and I’m keeping in each zip file all of my presets divided by folders so you only need to download the latest. I’ll also change the links on the old ones so you just need to download any of them and they should all have the latest…

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40 Free Presets for the Synthstrom Deluge

Hello again, Here are another 36 patches for the Synthstrom Deluge (the 4 others I uploaded are also included in a separate folder inside the zip). Enjoy! DOWNLOAD HERE! (Also if you could subscribe to my youtube for more patches, this has taken me hours work so just a few seconds of yours will be payment enough for me :))