200 Free Synthstrom Deluge Presets / Patches

G’day mates!

200 PATCHES FOR YOUR SYNTHSTROM DELUGE! Includes all the other patches so the additional amount if you’ve downloaded the previous stuff is 100 extra 😉

Since the files are so small and I’m keeping in each zip file all of my presets divided by folders so you only need to download the latest.


(Also if you could subscribe to my youtube for more patches, this has taken me hours work so just a few seconds of yours will be payment enough for me :))

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  1. Thanks so so much for these, they are spot on! Had my Deluge a few months now and have been waiting till I was proficient enough before downloading these. Every one is so my taste, gonna make some really good stuff with these. All ready subbed to your YouTube channel. Great patches, great music, Cheers fella. Tim

  2. VERY nice of you to give them away for free, really appreciated ,many thanks.Mike in Sweden


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