Updates and REDiZER2

Right so it’s been over a year since any new updates, today I am taking the time to optimize this websites SEO and thought to announce a few things.

Firstly I will return to the music industry very soon, which means I will be giving out more sample packs.

And I will be updating the synthesizer REDiZER1 to REDiZER2 not exactly sure when this will happen but its planned and its happening.

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  1. mate I just download redizer and i LOVE IT!! shit is so easy to dial in, i honestly don’t kow why this synth isnt more widely used. the presets are great, this synth is awesome. THANK YOU for your time and effort, it is greatly appreciated

  2. the first one was dope ,i cant wait for the second,thank you.and thanks for the sample packs,peace brother


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