Blood One – FREE VSTi Synth (Grime, Dubstep, Electro, Minimal, IDM, Industrial)

Blood One Synth by G-Red (me)

Anyway this is the download for the blood one synth made by myself it has quite a few presets and is suitable for all sorts of experimental works! I don’t claim it to be AMAZING but it has quite a few people who praise and use it alot!

Works with Cubase, FL Studio, Ableton etc etc!

(If you like this synth check out its BIG BROTHER synth REDizER1)


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  1. When I extract the files, all i am left with is a dll app extension and a txt. please do explain!

  2. Go into start menu and type in the name of your vsti loader thing,I have MixCraft 5,then right click it and click properties,then click go to file location,in there there should be a folder named VST or something,drag in you DLL there

  3. Greetings Sire…
    I have downloaded about 50 gig of free vst’s on the internet.And that is a shed load.Ive been through them all and can honestly say old bean , that this is one of the best.
    Especially for my type of music , which is brutalist old school industrial electro.
    Keep up the good work ..
    Toodle pip.

    • Cheers mate! Use the contact form and send me an email with your tunes! Or just comment on it here!


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