Site Update

Had some serious website issues in the last few days luckily everything has been fixed, will be updating the website fully until its back to normal. Cheers.


Seriously, now I am going to get my act together and produce REDiZER2. Obviously REDiZER1 is YEARS OLD! But, it has proven to be so popular with over 100,000 DOWNLOADS I must create a new one, even though ive pretty much been absent from the music industry for years! Either way it, will be coming soon! If you comment on this and leave your email address il add you to a mailing list of some sort and email you when…

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Updates and REDiZER2

Right so it’s been over a year since any new updates, today I am taking the time to optimize this websites SEO and thought to announce a few things. Firstly I will return to the music industry very soon, which means I will be giving out more sample packs. And I will be updating the synthesizer REDiZER1 to REDiZER2 not exactly sure when this will happen but its planned and its happening.

REDiZER1 – Free Dubstep Bass Glitchy Super Synth

REDiZER1 Vsti Synth by G-Red (me) This is REDiZER1 which is admitly a totally crazy sounding fucked up synth the bass on this is absolutly stupid! And i can tell you for fact some BIG names in DUBSTEP are currently using this synth! And f**k me its free! Synth was programed by me with all the presets (60 of them) all done by me aswell! Il be updating this synth soon and releasing PRESET packs! DOWNLOAD HERE If you need…

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Blood One – FREE VSTi Synth (Grime, Dubstep, Electro, Minimal, IDM, Industrial)

Blood One Synth by G-Red (me) Anyway this is the download for the blood one synth made by myself it has quite a few presets and is suitable for all sorts of experimental works! I don’t claim it to be AMAZING but it has quite a few people who praise and use it alot! Works with Cubase, FL Studio, Ableton etc etc! (If you like this synth check out its BIG BROTHER synth REDizER1) DOWNLOAD HERE

Ensoniq ASR X PRO G-Red Custom Drums

34 Samples custom made samples by myself then put into a Ensoniq ASR X PRO then sampled back into the computer Whats a Ensoniq ASR X PRO? Well kind of like the MPC 2000XL but arguably more advanced. They are all *.wav files and compatible with pretty much everything! DOWNLOAD BELOW